JaBee Tower - Move to new horizons

The location

Vibrant heart of Dübendorf with state-of-the-art public and private transport network

The Hochbord district, located between the Stettbach railway station and the residential centre of Dübendorf, has transformed in recent years from a commercial area into a popular urban neighbourhood. Thanks to excellent connections to the public transport system, Jabee Tower is never far from anything – no matter where you want to go. The railway station, which offers direct connections to Zurich and Winterthur, and the Glattalbahn tram stop are only a five-minute walk away. From there, it is a direct route to the Zurich airport. The bus stop is right outside your front door.

Are you travelling by car? No problem: The A1, A53 and A51 motorways are close by. The underground car park not only provides parking spaces but also a place to keep motorcycles and e-bikes/bicycles, as well as a charging station for electric vehicles. Have you got a pram? Park it in the locked room directly next to the entrance.

On foot

Bus stop
outside the front door
Tram stop
5 minutes
Stettbach railway station
5 minutes
Shopping (Coop Pronto)
5 minutes


Stadelhofen railway
4 minutes
Zurich main railway station
8 minutes
12 minutes
13 minutes


Motorway connections
3 minutes
15 minutes
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
01. Stadelhofen railway station
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
02. Stettbach Bus stop
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
03. Stettbach railway station
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
04. Stettbach SBB station
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
05. Stettbach SBB station

Dübendorf offers a wide range of cultural and sporting activities, restaurants, lounges/clubs and bars. The newly opened Samsung Hall is a nearby venue for events and concerts. It is well known as the only multifunctional hall with 5,000 seats.

Nature-lovers and sports enthusiasts will find beautiful local recreation areas just a stone’s throw away: Glatt-Flusslauf, Adlis- and Zürichberg (zoo), Greifensee and Lake Zurich. Well-developed hiking, bicycle, rollerblading and mountain biking trails provide plenty of incentives for outdoor activities.

Day nurseries, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, international schools (Lycée français de Zurich and SIS Swiss International School) all the way to the baccalaureate certificate – Dübendorf has it all.

JaBee Tower - Die Lage
01. Adlisberg trail
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
02. Adlisberg pond
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
03. River "Zwicky"
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
04. River "Dorf"
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
15. River "Chreis"
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
06. Greifensee Schwerzenbach
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
07. Greifensee marina
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
08. Greifensee boat tours
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
09. Zürich City lakeside
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
10. Zürich City boat tours
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
11. Buoy field in the city of Zurich
JaBee Tower - Die Lage
12. Zürich City lake meadow

The project

Jabee Tower – urban and green

In the Hochbord district of Dübendorf, close to the Stettbach railway station, stands the highest multi-storey building for rented flats in Switzerland. The unobstructed cylinder with the tapered, diagonal top stretches into the sky at an impressive 100 metres in height. Its scale and compact design on the 10,000 square-metre park area allow for a high quality of living and open space. The site’s intergenerational concept includes playgrounds and public meeting places as well as safe pedestrian walkways that are accessible to the elderly and the disabled.

JaBee Tower - Das Projekt

Jabee Tower offers attractive housing for young people, innovators, metropolitans, families and older people alike. Economically sensible and ecologically well thought-out, the project and its public park build the foundation for a new and interesting district centre. Small businesses tailored to the clientele, stores and restaurants on the lower level help to invigorate and enhance the whole area. In this case, relaxation in the “green oasis” and vibrant city life are no contradiction!

Highlights at a glance

  • Highest high-rise block of flats in Switzerland
  • Attractive rented flats with an impressive view of the surrounding area and the park
  • Urban yet green
  • Top location for metropolitans

Construction site webcam


The offer

Clever layout for rented flats and businesses

218 rented flats on 31 storeys with 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 rooms for every phase and scheme of life. Flats are generous, well laid out, high-quality and tastefully finished. Walls of the rooms are at an angle to the core of the building, which allows the rooms to open to the outside (fan effect). Unlike conventionally built flats, this creates an extraordinary living atmosphere with an alluring sequence of rooms. Floor-to-ceiling window fronts let in a great deal of natural light. What's more, the Minergie standard ensures a pleasant ambience with a sustainable indoor climate.

JaBee Tower - Das Angebot

The unique design of the façade with its one-of-a-kind balcony partitions, which change colour depending on the sun’s position and the viewing angle, make for a pleasant atmosphere, both inside and out. Sweeping one’s gaze across the sky to the horizon and taking in the vast expanse provokes feelings of freedom, independence and lightness. The circular balconies on the top floors offer breathtakingly clear views. Residents of the lower levels enjoy a direct view of the park’s green oasis.

JaBee Tower - The offer
JaBee Tower - The offer
JaBee Tower - The offer
JaBee Tower - The offer
JaBee Tower - The offer


Tailored commercial spaces

On the ground floor, we also offer office, studio and commercial space for rent in various sizes. In particular, the space is suitable for businesses with a hybrid use, such as a bakery/cafe, newsstand/bistro, bookstore/bar as well as healthcare services, pop-up stores, etc. Of course, the space can be individually finished. Contact us by phone or using the registration form. We would be pleased to invite anyone interested in our commercial space to a personal consultation or on-site tour.

Commercial space can be individually finished and increased or decreased in size. The café and bakery are merely suggested establishments.


Highlights of the flats' interior finishings

  • High-quality cabinetry
  • Dishwasher and washing column in every flat
  • Colour LED band along the skirting boards of the kitchen console (controllable by mobile phone) creates a unique, indirect lighting effect
  • Mirrored cabinet with integrated, all-round, dimmable LED lighting
  • Elegant washbasins with practical side counter and under-counter cabinet
  • Some flats with double basin
  • Large translucent window (frosted glass) to the living area, surrounded by a colour LED band (controllable by mobile phone)
  • Plenty of storage (depending on the flat, with wardrobes, storage rooms, dressing rooms)
  • Floor-to-ceiling widow façades
  • All flooring with porcelain stoneware in a natural wood look, in three different colour shades depending on the size of the flat
  • Fibre-optic network (Glattnet/Swisscom/Cablecom) guarantees free choice of provider

* Subject to changes in finishings


The Park

Enjoy, relax, play – live

A picturesque recreation area will be created on the roughly 10,000 square-metre open space of the Jabee Tower. There is an emphasis on the topics of landscape architecture and design as the expansive park is publicly accessible and serves as an oasis for the entire neighbourhood. It will provide the tower’s residents as well as the general public a space for relaxation, recreation and social interaction.

A row of trees running along the edge of the parcel of land will border the space. The design of the park itself is subtle, classical and natural. The entire space is covered with hand-picked trees of varying sizes, planted either on their own or in groups. They give way to new perspectives depending on the vantage point. Large lawns invite visitors to play, picnic and just chill. Winding paths, flower beds and seating and lounging elements lend structure to the gentle terrain. Across from the solitary building complex, there is also an expansive, lush pergola with benches, a fountain, games such as nine men’s morris, chess and bocce and a grilling station.

JaBee Tower - The Project
JaBee Tower - The Project

Highlights at a glance

  • Recreation right outside your front door
  • Rest, relax and unwind...
  • Enjoy trees, green space and plants in a beautiful park
  • Direct contact with nature
  • Meet up with friends and socialise
  • Play board games, read and picnic
  • Opportunities for children to play in lush green surroundings

The Panorama

Ultimate panoramic view over a large part of the Glatt Valley



Jabee Tower – a unique residential and living concept

Which storey will it be?

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Chantal Kummer Chantal Kummer
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If you would like further information about the project, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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